Burke Egg Hunters Prevail

burkegirlBURKE - Determined Easter egg hunters fled Burke Mountain's slope-side patio yesterday as the annual hunt commenced. Nearly ten minutes after the event began, there wasn't a single egg to be found, demonstrating the ruthlessness of sugar-crazed children.

Despite her clunky ski boots, one skier walked away victorious with two candy-filled eggs, describing the competitive scene. "It was really crazy because everyone tried to barge out of the doors, trying to find the eggs because we were all watching the lady hide them."

According to Burke's event coordinator, Meg Gibson, the mountain prepared for last year's turnout, which was less than 20 kids. "We just had 100 plus children flood out of the hotel onto the patio looking for about 150 eggs. So I guess our advertising worked, that's awesome. Next year we'll hide like 400 or something."

Gibson went on to explain some of the event's bigger ticket items, including two golden eggs, which contained a season's ski pass for next winter, and a weekend getaway for two. Unlike the patio eggs, those were hidden throughout the upper mountain slopes, making them a little more difficult find.

Everyone seemed to be in good spirits as they enjoyed the blue skies and spring conditions on this year's Easter holiday.