Over 1000 Pedal in Race

696429822 100x75BURKE—Saturday saw over 1300 bikers ride through the Northeast Kingdom as part of a race. The Rasputitsa race traveled forty miles through Burke, Newark, and West Newark ending at Burke Mountain.


"We have a three C philosophy," said Heidi Myers, the Co-Founder of Rasputitsa. "So we support community ventures. So that is why we partnered with here [Burke Mountain]."

Rasputitsa also supports two non-profit cycling organizations.

"The second C is charity," said Myers. "We support two non-profit cycling organizations that grow cycling, Little Bellas and Jam Fund. And the third C of course is cycling."

Myers has said that in the five years the race has existed, they have seen a growth rate as high as 350%.

Rasputitsa Bike Race from NewsLINC on Vimeo.