Burke Town School Pushes for New Facilities

BUrke Town School FacBURKE- It's been 30 years since the Burke Town School has updated their facilities. Now that the total population of the school has increased, they are deciding to expand their gymnasium and classroom. Superintendent of the Kingdom East District Jennifer Botzojorns says that the town of Burke has been pushing for this project to happen for about a decade now.


The total cost of the project would be in between seven and eight million dollars and to vote on the subject on Town Meeting Day on March 6th, 2019. The project will be done through the One Burke Community, which is a community project group in Burke who strive to improve the town. Now it's time to upgrade and expand the facilities so that the school can allow students to improve their learning.

Botzojorns said, "What is happening in Burke is you see an increase in enrollment in particular the younger grades. So Burke is looking to expand their facilities. Right now the middle school in Burke is overcrowded, the 6th grade has 31 children in it and in addition they are in mobile classrooms which are from another school and they are rotting, there's holes in them that have been fixed, but they were meant to be temporary about 30 years ago so it's been a while.".

Botzojorns also mentioned that the school really doesn't have a place where they can assemble. For their graduation last year they had to have it at a facility at Burke Mountain, so they hope that they can expand their current gymnasium not only for community events but for athletic purposes.

"Information needs to get to the community, one of the differences now is that it's all Kingdom East, so we need to share this with every town not just the folks of Burke and Burke had students who wanted to go to Burke but we couldn't accommodate them because there's not enough room so you know with one of the new things with the merged school districts each school will need something and so Burke needs new facilities.The committee on the board is looking at an audit of all of our facilities to see what is needed everywhere" Botzojorns said.