Town of Burke Receives New Sidewalks

sidewalkburkeBURKE- Over the summer the town of Burke installed new sidewalks throughout their downtown. The project which started in May ended in mid August. Members of the town are happy with the new installation, stating that it makes things in the downtown area more accesible and safer for pedestrians.

Nick Banta a bike mechanic at the Burke Sports Shop says, "I think it's great, it's bringing traffic that we haven't seen to and from our shop and it makes it easier for people to get to and from the Kingdom Trails Associiation parking lot to our shop and to the trail access trail heads and to the river. Now everything this town has to offer is now accessible via sidewalk."

Banta went on to note his hopes for a crosswalk, an addition he feels would add even more safety for traveling pedestrians.

Along with the new sidewalks adding to Burke's downtown, the Fall Foliage Festival is coming this weekend. The annual festival is one of the biggest downtown events of the year, spanning between the East Burke Village and Burke Mountain.

Numerous events will be happening throughout the day, attracting people to the local businesses in the area and one of those includes the Burke Sports Shop, located in the center of downtown.

Banta says, "It's nice seeing this town come alive, you know I've been here for six years now and watching it grow from this quaint little pin dot to a vacation destination spot even in short amount of time. "