Animal Sanctuary Calls for Harvesting Donations

farm sanctuaryEAST BURKE- A quiet place with a view,The Mountain View Farm Animal Sanctuary is a place where neglected animals come to find their forever home

Michelle Barry, Manager of the Animal Sanctuary says, "Our animals end up here from rescue and neglect situations. We take in animals that are also owner surrendered... there's a huge amount of animals that are not adoptable and need placement of for sanctuary and safe keeping so we take them in."

The certified 501-C3 non-profit excepts donations all year round to care for the animals. But the fall harvesting season is the most crucial time to receive help.

"As were coming into the winter, there's a lot of things that come up that don't in the summer time. The horses aren't out on the grass, eating grass. So their eating hay and hay is a huge expense says" says Barry.

Some donations the farm accepts are used blankets, towels, gifted certificates to local pet stores and drug stores, and one item that may surprise a few.

"Especially as we're coming into the holiday season and harvesting season. The goats especially, and the donkey and sheep like to eat pumpkins, so instead of throwing these things away it's a great way people can donate them."

The community can also sponsor an animal of their choice for a month to help with the costs of their care.