CircumBurke Challenge Is Coming to Burke

circumburkeBURKE-Kingdom Trails is getting ready to host the Circumbukre trail challenge next weekend. The 9th annual challenge is a 26 or 52 mile run or trail run. The challenge is a fundraiser for trail building and maintenance and is being held on Burke area's trifecta of trail networks, including Kingdom Trails, Victory Hill Sector, and Burke Mountain Bike Park.


Lilias Ide the marketing director for Kingdom Trails says they enjoy partnering with other organizations. "Working with partners on these events because really it makes a better event if we have more capacity more people involved then we can put on a better event."

The challenge is also a way to get people out on the trails later on in the year. Ide says, "Initially this event was founded because in the off season because in October you start to see fewer and fewer people come. So what we wanted to is keep people coming when it's cold and wet."

Kingdom Trails are also looking for volunteers for the event saying there are different stations every five miles where food like grilled cheese sandwiches and waffles will be served to those participating in the challenge.

The challenge takes place on October 13th and starts at the Burke Mountain Base Lodge.