Distillery Barred from Holiday Business

ST. JOHNSBURY - Brendan Hughes has assumed the role of ownership to a local mill and distillery business that has been located in Barnet for over fifteen years. What was once known as Dunc's Mill is now known as the St. Johnsbury Distillery, which is set to be moved from Barnet to St. Johnsbury within the next two to five years. For the time being, Brendan and his father, Dan Hughes have kept Dunc's Mill brand Rums on store shelves and at liquor outlets across the Northeast.

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A Room of Beautiful Masterpieces

Catamount Arts with Black BordersST.JOHNSBURY- It's an event that's been going on for three years now. An event where some of the best artists in the northeast kingdom, and surrounding areas, get to showcase their art pieces.

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Gearing up for Victorian Holiday

st j christmasST. JOHNSBURY— Eight days after the town of St. Johnsbury turned on the holiday lights at the Downtown Sparkles Event, the town will now be hosting another event, the Victorian Holiday Celebration. "It's an event that happens all throughout town," said Tara Holt, Director of the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce. The Victorian Holiday Celebration is set to take place on December 9th.

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Gun Shots in St. Johnsbury

st j pdST. JOHNSBURY— Just before 1 am on Thursday an Officer for the St. Johnsbury Police Department was on patrol on Portland Street when he heard possible gun shots. Officer Michael Fuller was on Portland Street and headed east just past the Concord Ave Intersection. "Officer heard what they thought were gun shots," said Chief Timothy Page, of the St. Johnsbury Police Department.

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Dangerous Game Sparking Conversation

st j academyST. JOHNSBURY— St. Johnsbury Academy is having discussions within their community about a "dangerous game" that sent a student to the hospital on Wednesday. It goes by many different names, like the "Blackout Game" or "Choke Game."

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Stetson Looks to Re-Win Award

SadieStetsonST JOHNSBURY- The Gatorade Player of the year award "recognizes not only outstanding athletic excellence, but also high standards oacademic achievement and exemplary character demonstrated on and off the court ." It was announced in the middle of last March that Sadie Stetson, guard for St. Johnsbury Academy, was the Vermont choice for the honor, and it was the first honor of this kind in the school's history.


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Contracting Struggles Continue for Calex

copy of thumbnailtemplatedonotsaveover copy 2ST. JOHNSBURY- The concept of contracting Calex Ambulance Services by towns that already hold them under special appropriations has been a popular topic at Town Select Board meetings as of late. Thus far, Waterford and Kirby have signed on to contract, but with many towns either rejecting or tabling the contract, Michael Wright, CEO of Calex ponders why that is.

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7th Annual Norris Cotton Fundraiser

norrisST. JOHNSBURY - Over the weekend St. Johnsbury Academy held basketball scrimmages, but these games had more meaning than usual. This was the 7th annual Norris Cotton Cancer Center fundraising weekend. All of the money gathered was donated to the cancer center and for a specific reason. 

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Support for Troops this Holiday Season

Vermont Supports Troops PSST.JOHNSBURY- It’s an idea that started from a kitchen floor. Now it’s turned into hundreds of packages being sent to troops overseas. The Vermont S.U.P.P.O.R.T organization started prepping for it’s annual first Saturday in December earlier this afternoon at the Elks Lodge.


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New Distillery for St. Johnsbury

St. J distillery ST. JOHNSBURY - A new tourist attraction could be coming to St. Johnsbury within the next year in the form of a Distillery.  A local marketing company known as Celtic Marketing has recently bought Dunc's Mill and Distillery in the town of Barnet which they plan to move into the downtown St. Johnsbury area by December of next year.

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Reiki Heals St. Johnsbury

ReikiThis Sunday people will be able to heal their bodies at the Reiki clinic held in St. Johnsbury. The first Sunday of every month Janice Narey and Jennifer Thoma invite people to come between 2-4 in the afternoon for a peaceful session of Reiki.

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Parking Ticket Price Increases

parking in st jST. JOHNSBURY- While parking in St. Johnsbury may be free, if you park for too long, it will soon cost you twice as much as it once did. Starting at midnight on Friday December 1st, the price for parking beyond the allotted time will increase from five dollars to ten.

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Preperations Before Santa Comes to St. Johnsbury

st j decoratingST. JOHNSBURY- You better watch out, Santa is headed to St. Johnsbury Friday, but not before the town can get decorated. Crews were out Thursday morning in front of the Welcome Center hanging lights, wreaths, and other holiday decorations.

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Refuse Food Waste

wasteST. JOHNSBURY - Tuesday night at Catamount Arts center, a movie attracted local food offers and food managers to get together and to discuss food waste issues in Vermont. The movie's name is "Wasted!". This 85 minutes documentary shows how people casually waste their food in daily life, and how people used creative ways to make fuse of the waste they produce.

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Changes Coming to St. J Police

St J Police ThumbnailST. JOHNSBURY- Some big changes are coming to the St. Johnsbury Police Department in the next week. They have finally found their new police chief, Tim Gray.
Gray was sworn into office Tuesday at the St. Johnsbury Welcome Center, with his new comrades surrounding him.

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Farmer by day Chocolatier by night

Copy of ThumbnailTemplateDONOTSAVEOVER copy 2-2ST.JOHNSBURY- She's a farmer by day growing crops like blueberries, raspberries, apples, and much more. Then later in the day she grabs and aprin and gets chocolatey. Sue Haynie, owner of Sweet Season Farm and Artisan Confections does things a little different than most.


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Locally Lending A Hand

nekysST. JOHNSBURY- Lending a hand to your local non-profit organizations may be important. Especially on a day like today.


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The Care Of The Kingdom

nvrhST. JOHNSBURY - Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital was just voted the best healthcare provider and best place to work in the northeast kingdom. However you might not know what brings employees and patient’s their own happiness behind the scenes.

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The Never-Ending Fight for Hope

relay thumbnailST. JOHNSBURY- For those who have been touched by cancer, they know too well that it is an every day battle. You don't get days off or chunks of the year off, which is why the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life events are not just a one day thing, they are more like a banquet of sorts, for once one relay season ends, another one immediately begins.

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Addams Family With A Slight Twist

ST. JST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury Academy Theater put on a show yesterday by preforming their Addam's Family play. This year the school changed it up a little bit by focusing on a play idea never before seen at the Academy, and this play had an unnatural subject focus.The Addams play was originally created nine years ago and was made specifically for Broadway. However, St. Johnsbury decided to make their own version of the play.

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Becoming Transparent

Becoming Transparent PictureST. JOHNSBURY- In government, the ultimate boss is the public. Secretary of State Jim Condos let that be known last night at the St.Johnsbury Middle School, as he went over the open meetings laws and public records laws in the State of Vermont.


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Shoreland Protection Course

ShorelandTraining 1ST. JOHNSBURY- Natural Shoreland Erosion Control was the topic of a certification course at The Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium in St. Johnsbury on Monday morning. The Shoreland Protection Act (Chapter 49A of Title 10) establishes a state regulation for preventing degredation of water quality in lakes, preserve habitat and natural stability of shorelines, and maintain the economic benefits of lakes and their shorelands. The communication of the rules and regulations for shoreland protection was one of the items being discussed during this class.

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Substitutes Teachers in St. J School

   teacheresST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury schoolboard held a meeting last night to have some further discussion about school policy and to find a way to make substitute teachers feel more included in their community.

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Bundle Up For Cold Weather

ThumbnailTemplate DO NOT COPY OVERSt. Johnsbury- The Food Shelf in St. Johnsbury was created in the 90's by a school teacher who strived to ensure all children were warm during the cold winters of Vermont.

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Taking A Hike On The El Camino

Osher talk last SAINT JOHNSBURY- Today was the last installment of the Fall Osher Talk Series. Many gathered at Catamount Arts to hear and learn about an experienced hiker and her journey. Mary Sturtevant, who is a Therapist and Health educator went on a pilgrimage that started from the French Pyrennes Mountains all the way through the El Camino in Santiago, Spain.