NVRH Updates Birthing Center

nvrh birthST. JOHNSBURY- The Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital made some big renovations over the past year and are now in the full swing of things, taking care of patients and delivering babies. The hospital's birthing center got a 2.4 million dollar renovation. It's first upgrade for the center since the hospital was built 44 years ago.

The project took seven months and required the birthing center to relocate while construction was underway. The process for the renovation started with focus groups among women in the community who hadn't had children, and they were asked what they'd be looking for when it came to labor and delivery.

Mindy Warren, Director of the Birthing Center, says, "What we heard really clearly is they wanted a family centered room where they can have thier families welcome during the delivery or after the delivery. And also under a safe roof, so some place they can come for safe care."

One of the biggest changes for the center is the work flow and the size of the rooms. The rooms are now double the size of the originals, and the nurses are benefiting from it. "The nurses were running in and out a lot of times. Our supplies were not centralized because our rooms weren't big enough and a lot of supplies the nurses needed were outside the rooms so they were running in and out," said Warren.

Along with a bigger space, comes bigger equipment. With the help of separate donations that spanned over nine months, the center was able to buy a new birthing tub.

"We looked to see what we wanted for a new birth tub. And this is a Harper birth-tub, one that our midwives actually talked to the person who created the tub and so we ordered the tub." said Warren. She says the tub is useful for mothers, not just for the actual birth, but can help reduce labor pains.

Warren is thankful for the donations they've received, and has created a donation wall so people can see where there money went.

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