Bow Hunting: A Woman's Sport Too

linwoodST. JOHNSBURY - A great deal has changed in the world of archery since Linwood Smith began as a teenager. One of the most prominent factors being women's inclusion in the sport. This is a progression that Smith is excited about, because to him, gender is not what determines a good hunter.

"It makes me feel good that I'm able to make people do well. Because any sport you do, if you do well, you're going to stay in it. And that's why I enjoy teaching youngsters and adults both, it doesn't make any difference. And women should be in this too. I really think that's very very important," he said.

Smith has owned an archery equipment store in St. Johnsbury for 35 years, all the while teaching others about the craft that he loves. While shooting at his range, the Northeast Kingdom native discussed the numerous women he's worked with in the past, crediting their genuine skill.

He went on to note society's evolved acceptance as a whole. "Back in my day, women didn't shoot rifles. They didn't do any of that, at least in my time. And as I got older, then a few of them started. Then when I got in the program 35 years ago, that's when it really started to come on. And now, young girls, they don't want to be sewing. They want to be out shooting, and shooting archery too. That all changed in the last 20 years, which I think is great".


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