New Logos at St. Johnsbury Distillery

distilllerylogoST. JOHNSBURY- Dunc's Mill has changed it's brand name to the Saint Johnsbury Distillery. Duncan Holaday is the mastermind behind the company's distilling process, something that started out in the early two-thousands.

However, despite the new brand-name for the distillery, the name of the rums offered by the company will remain the same. For example, instead of, "Dunc's Mill Maple Rum", the product is called, "Saint Johnsbury Distillery, Dunc's Maple Rum."

Distillery President, Brendan Hughes, notes that the high ratings of their offerings, and says their intention with re-branding is to appeal to the local community. To help with this, the Distillery also opened a tasting room in downtown Saint Johnsbury last November. With that storefront, they're hoping to make the town a destination.

Hughes is optimistic about the upcoming winter months, expecting to appeal to the skiiers and snowboarders in the area.

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