Labor Of Love At Dog Mountain

dogatdogmountainST JOHNSBURY- Love was in the air in the kingdom this weekend. The love was for Dog Mountain. Over 20 volunteers came to the doggy destination to help do some spring cleaning. The mountain is gearing up to transition into the warmer months.

 The mountain held its fifth annual "Labor Of Love" event. The event has been put on every year since the death of Gwen Huneck, the former owner of Dog Mountain. After her death the mountain was in a precurious state about how to handle operations and keeping the mountain in tact. That's when volunteers went all paws in to help out by creating the annual event. Pam Mccann of Dog Mountain says people were quick to help during that time "People really treasured the place and wanted to come out in support after her death." The event gives volunteers the opportunity to come out for a weekend to help spruce up the place.

Volunteer Susan Ohlidal says she does it because it is important to give back to her community. "Places like this have given a lot to our community so it just one way that I can give back."

The uniqueness of such a place like Dog Mountain makes that much more special to be able to come and help out for the volunteers. Ohlidal explains that there no other place like it. "It holds a special place in our community, our state and our region."

The Mountain has also received the Levitt Amp Grant for the second year in a row which means the free concert series will continue this summer but it is not known yet who will be performing.