Welcome Center to Relocate Bus Stop

rctST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury selectboard has begun discussions on modifying the Welcome Center, however these discussions are not for any project like fixing the park, or adding to the existing structure. The discussions are regarding if they should move the RCT bus stop away from the front doors of the Welcome Center to another location either in the same parking lot, or on Railroad street. Discussions with RCT have only just begun; however, a meeting which occurred on September Fourth between Chad Whitehead, the town manager of St. Johnsbury, and the C.E.O. of RCT, Mary Grant, have yielded great raport for the project moving forward.

"Part of the plan at one point had been to look at the end of the building as a bus stop," Whitehead noted in a recent interview, "And then also during the park construction, we temporarily relocated the RCT pick-up location up onto Railroad Street at the top of the park; so the board wanted to explore those items as possible locations for the bus stop moving forward." It seems very lucky that the selectboard has had to move the bus stop location in the past, the selectboard has a good point of reference moving forward with the project; the board atleast will have a point of reference as to what locations may be best for the RCT stop.

To add to the effort, RCT has made it abundantly clear that they are on board with the project and are willing to do what they can to help it along. Mary Grant has been quoted in a recent phone discussion stating "RCT is willing and dedicated to finding and working toward a solution to this issue, we know that the St. Johnsbury selectboard will work hard to find the right solution, and we are happy to help however we can.

While Chad Whitehead made it seem like the project would not begin this year, he also had a very clear idea as to how proceedings would go, and where the project is heading. As it stands now, both the town government of St. Johnsbury and the RCT bus system are both informed and eager to move forward.

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