Nunsense Opening Night

NUNST. JOHNSBURY - For the first time since 1994, the St. Johnsbury Players will be presenting the comedic musical, Nunsense. The show follows the journey of a group of nuns, raising money to bury their sisters after most of the order has died from a poisoned batch of soup.

According to the show's director, Michele Laberge, things get interesting when the nuns put on a talent show, as they're not a group of ladies accustomed to performing. Laberge directed the musical when it was performed 24 years ago, alongside her now co-director Patricia Webster. At the time of the original production, Webster played Sister Leo, the novice and want-to-be ballerina of the bunch. According to them both, they're overjoyed to be working together once agian.

 "Pat and I have a long history together. Of course, we went to school, we're both Lyndon graduates, and my husband who's also the band director is a Lyndon graduate. So we've done musical theatre together for years," said Laberge.

"Michele was my director at that time," said Webster. "So it was just a joy to be here 24 years later, collaborating on this show, which was just a delight to do then, and we're having so much fun now."

This year's cast includes Susan Lynn-Johns, Lora Dean, Sandi Breen, Johanna Schillemat, and Heather Bowser. When asked what it's like to work with this cast as opposed to those from the original group, Laberge expressed her love for everyone. "Well each show is different of course, because these actresses have different interpretations than the first. It's been interesting, and I have a video of the first show, so I've been able to compare and see the differences," she continued. "You know there's something special about working with just a small group, and on top of that, a small group of just women. We've had a lot of laughs because we can all laugh together, we laugh at eachother, and we laugh at the story. So it's been a good time."

Laberge and Webster are looking forward to opening night, which will be this Friday, May 4th, at the St. Johnsbury School. After months of preparation, the whole cast and crew are excited to see their hard work come to life.

According to Webster, they hope to bring happines to those who attend. "We just hope that people will come out and have a wonderful time. I mean isn't that the point? At the beginning they sing a blessing about happy hearts, I looked up the Latin today, and just thought to myself, well isn't that the whole point of something like this? You know, bringing people into a room, a live performance, and just making people happy. So, that's our aim."

Nunsense will be performed at the St. Johnsbury School Auditorium on May 4th, 5th, 11th, and 12th at 7:30, with a 2:00 pm matinee on May 13th.