Preventing a Tragic Christmas

xmastreeeST.JOHNSBURY- A true mark of the holiday season is a big beautiful Balsam fir but unfortunately with such great beauty comes possible danger. One in every forty house fires where a christmas tree is involved results in death. This season there are a few key things you should do to ensure your family and Christmas tree's safety.

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A Fresh Start Atop the Hill

hockeyST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltoppers kicked off their ice hockey season last night, and they are under the guidance of a new head coach.

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Small Business Saturday

screen shot 2014-12-02 at 4.30.23 pmSt.Johnsbury - Compared to the crazy Black Friday, local businesses in Northeastern Kingdom focused more on Small Business Saturday to get more profits, which was set up in 2010. The Small Business Saturday sits between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the results aren't too shabby.

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Another Step Towards Going Green

electric chargingST. JOHNSBURY - The town of St. Johnsbury is now providing parking spaces that are specifically designed for electric cars. The four spaces are part of two charging stations located in town.

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Bona Requests Mistrial

bonaroooST. JOHNSBURY- Bruce Bona is asking the state for a mistrial to be declared in his animal cruelty case. Bona was recently found guilty on 17 of 21 counts of animal cruelty against horses from his ranch.

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Bona Found Guilty

Bruce BonaST. JOHNSBURY - After a turbulent nine months, Bruce Bona has been found guilty on seventeen counts of animal cruelty towards his family’s horses.


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Bona Trial Begins

bonaST. JOHNSBURY - Bruce Bona appeared in Caledonia County court today to defend himself against the twenty-one charges of animal cruelty from the state.

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Principal Talks Common Core

common core blackST. JOHNSBURY — It is the first year that Common Core assessment will be implemented in schools nationwide. Common Core is a set of clear college- and career- ready standards for K-12 in English language arts, Literacy and Mathematics, which is designed to ensure that students are well-prepared and get ready for the two- or four-year college programs or enter the workforce.

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Paul Sweeney Coat Drive

coatdrive finalSt. Johnsbury - With the first accumulated snow of the season, staying warm is a struggle for the less fortunate. This Saturday marked the 12th annual Paul Sweeney Coat Drive.

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Hospice Awareness Month

NVRH logoST.JOHNSBURY- November is the month of Hospice and Palliative care awareness. Hospice for those that don't know, is a care facility and program that caters to people that have only 6 months left to live and are seeking comfort rather than a cure for their illness.

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First Snow Leads to Icy Conditions

hastingscrash ST JOHNSBURY- It wasn't the first car accident of the season, and unfortunatley it will not be the last. As temperatures start to drop, we are seeing our mornings and evenings a lot colder than previous weeks. The Northeast Kingdom saw their first look at an accumalating snowfall Thursday night, which left about 0.5" to 1.5" of snow on the ground and on car windshields.

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Scott Beck on Education

scottbeckST. JOHNSBURY - State Representative Scott Beck says his main interest for his first term in office is to focus on local education governance and cutting back on educational spending.

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Prue Sentencing Moved Home

allen prue1ST. JOHNSBURY - Allen Prue will return to Caledonia County Court for his sentencing after being found guilty of the murder of St. Johnsbury Academy teacher Melissa Jenkins.

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A Musical Salute

musical saluteST. JOHNSBURY - World War I medleys and a chorus of songs filled the halls of the North Congregational Church in order to pay tribute to America's Veterans.

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Hilltoppers Eye State Championship

stjfinalST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury Hilltoppers season has come down to one final game. A game that every high school athlete dreams about, but only few actually experience.

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Holiday Craft Fair

CraftfairbeatST.JOHNSBURY- Nothing is as reminiscent of the holiday season as a home-made gift. Today at the Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital held a craft fair and crafters from all part of the Northeast Kingdom came out to show off some gifts that would be perfect for whatever winter occasion you're celebrating.

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St. J Hilltoppers to State Finals

stj semigame finalST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltoppers football team have continued their undefeated season with a win over the Essex Hornets this past Saturday in the Semi-Finals. 


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Hilltoppers Hopeful for Another Win

stjfinalST. JOHNSBURY- The Hilltoppers are looking for what may be their most important win, this Saturday against Essex. Not only will it be the Hilltoppers 10th win on their undefeated season, but it will put them in the State Championship game. 

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Shotgun with the Sheriff

ridealongST. JOHNSBURY - The Caledonia County Sheriff's Department operates differently than other local police departments. News7 went on a ride along with Sergeant Bunnell to find out how.

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Will Business Pave Its Way Back?

constructionST. JOHNSBURY – Over the past couple of years, road construction has brought lots of inconvenience to both the local residents and businesses. Fortunately, the long working project is finally done, and employers are looking forward to having their regular business back.

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St.J Looking for New Town Manager

newtownmanagerST. JOHNSBURY — The St. Johnsbury select board is looking for a new town manager to replace current town manager John Hall. Hall plans to retire on April 13th of next year, after a long successful career.

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Construction Celebration

ConstructionCelebrationST. JOHNSBURY- This weekend, St. Johnsbury celebrated the long awaited end of their towns lengthy construction projects. 

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Candidate Forum

these peopleSt.JOHNSBURY- A forum was held Thursday night at Catamount Arts which featured Republican and Democratic representatives and challengers.

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National Food Day

fudST.JOHNSBURY- The Northern Vermont Regional Hospital held activities for national food day on October 23rd in honor of national food day.  Every year twenty three thousand die because of consuming meats which have been prosseced and raised with chemicals and GMO's

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Caladonia Court House: A History

CourthouseThumbnail1ST.JOHNSBURY-The Caladonia Courthous has a rich history that dates back all the way to the 1700s, but many know nothing about it. The story begins in 1792 when Caledonia County was first formed.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30


Teacher Appreciation Week
It is Teacher Appreciation, which means it's time for students to thank their teachers for all of the lessons in and out of the classroom that are taught by our masters of education.

Too Many To Stand Under The Umbrella
Due to a false capacity sign at the St. Johnsbury Welcome Center, the Umbrella Organization bit off a little more than they could chew with their first annual Spring Gala.

Preparing for Prom
It's officially prom season here in the Northeast Kingdom, and Hope is looking to outfit local ladies with the dresses to bring the house down.