St. Johnsbury Academy Goes to Korea

StJKoreaST. JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury Academy and the Jeju Free International City Development Center signed an agreement yesterday that will open a new school in Korea, based off of the historic St. Johnsbury Academy. The school, named St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju, will be located on Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea.

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Conserving Energy, Saving Cash

Efficiency VTST. JOHNSBURY - Energy efficiency was on display in St. Johnsbury on Wednesday night, as members of Efficiency Vermont and the Northern Vermont Development Association met with town officials to discuss ways to make town buildings more efficient.

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Local Jobs Lost to Hostess Shutdown

hostessstoryST. JOHNSBURY - A Hostess outlet store will close as a result of the company's bankruptcy.

When it does; we will lose something more significant than Twinkies.

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A Cat Call for Volunteers

katzbeatzST. JOHNSBURY- At Kingdom Kats, there is a volunteer opportunity’s that may be the cat’s meow for animal lovers.

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A Strong Message for Smokers

smoking SAINT JOHNSBURY - Spreading the Message about Smoking.

As the American Cancer Society celebrated it's 37th Great American Smoke-out, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital is spreading the message at how important it is to quit smoking.

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Buying Local Has Many Perks

buying localST. JOHNSBURY - Downtown St. Johnsbury is full of small, family owned businesses that try to compete with their larger scaled competitors everyday. The towns Chamber of Commerce has taken notice of this, and has created a bit of incentive for the community to buy local.

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Sewer Line Project Impact

sewerST. JOHNSBURY- Election day has passed, and the 8 million dollar sewer line project is now approved. Taxpayers have decided to pay an extra 2.4 million dollars over the next 30 years, which is approximately $109,000 per year. But how will this affect residents?

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Relocating For a Growing Business

nek development ST. JOHNSBURY - Little Dippers Doodle was in St. Johnsbury before moving from Burke.

Little Dippers Doodle is a childcare facility that is located in Saint Johnsbury and has been in business since 1997.

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Loss of Revenue for Vermont Transportation

transportating meeting ST. JOHNSBURY - Residents from across the Northeast Kingdom met with the Vermont Transportation board thursday night for the third of six meetings across the state about Vermont's transportation budget.

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Berwick Sentenced for Murder

benberwickST. JOHNSBURY - On an emotional day in Caledonia County court, Benjamin Berwick was sentenced for the murder of his wife, Anna. Berwick received a suspended sentence of 23 years to life in prison; he'll only have to serve eighteen years of that sentence. He'll be on probation for the rest of his life. He is not allowed to contact with the victims family.

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Coffee Beans and Tanning Beds

LSCoffeeST. JOHNSBURY – From the outside, Locally Social Coffee in St Johnsbury doesn't look like your average coffee shop. Owned and run by Ian Carlet and Cari Melkonian, Locally Social Coffee has quickly developed a strong relationship with the community. Carlet and Melkonian's coffee shop is located within Caramel's Tanning; the two owners felt the combination was a good fit.

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St. Johnsbury Votes on Water and Sewer Lines

orange paper st jSAINT JOHNSBURY - Residents in St. Johnsbury not only had to vote on presidential and local candidates, but were also voting for or against an 8-million dollar project that will ultimately effect their area in a big way.

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8 Million Dollar Project On The Ballot

st. j sewerST. JOHNSBURY- As voters head out the the polls this morning in St. Johnsbury, they will be voting for more than just candidates. An 8 million dollar project is on the table that will upgrade the towns current sewer system under it's streets that is in need of dire repair due to its negative effect on the surrounding environment.

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Lending Warmth to Residents

coat driveSAINT JOHNSBURY - This weekend the Salvation Army store in Saint Johnsbury gave back.

With winter like temperatures approaching the northeast kingdom, Bob Morey of Green Mountain Power is keeping people warm by giving out coats.  

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Small Business is a Tool of Learning

topper shoppeSAINT JOHNSBURY - A course at the Saint Johnsbury academy teaches kids business and entrepreneurship right on campus.

 "What the students have done is broke themselves up into four categories, we've got a team that focuses just on the store. As a group we helped relaunch the website where another team focuses on data collection" says Sarah Emery the teacher of the class. Different groups of the class focus on different aspects of the store.

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Students Shine in Academy Performance

st preformST.JOHNSBURY - Students and parents gathered the jam-packed St. Johnsbury Academy Black Box theater last night to see the show put on by all three of the academy's performance classes.  

Every student had an equal opportunity to showcase their talents due to the use of interchangeable masks.

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Going Bald for a Cure

firefighterST. JOHNSBURY - Saint Johnsbury firefighters gathered outside of the fire station to have their heads shaved in an effort to raise money for cancer awareness and research. 

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Jobs Secured at Weidmann

Politicians to weidmanST. JOHNSBURY - An addition to machinery at Weidmann Electrical Technology, Inc. has solidified jobs for the years to come.

At an open house on Wednesday, State Senator Jane Kitchel, was at the plant to see the result of what was a unanimous decision from the Senate.

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St. Johnsbury Academy Going for Grants

farmtoplateST. JOHNSBURY - The farm to plate program is a strategic plan directed at Vermont's sustainable job fund, who's mission is to strengthen Vermont's food system. 

The plan was approved at the end of the 2009 Vermont legislative session, and is arranged by the sustainable agriculture council and other stakeholders.

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Umbrella Raises Domestic Violence Awareness in NEK

domestic violenceST. JOHNSBURY - October is domestic violence awareness month, and domestic and sexual violence is a chronic issue in Vermont.

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Damaged Building Received Tax Credits for Face Lift

damaged buildingST JOHNSBURY- A lot of older buildings in St. Johnsbury could use some work, and one in particular got a face lift thanks to state and federal money. The Sewing Studio, owned and operated by Carolyn Cress, used to be located on the corner of Eastern Avenue and Railroad Street.

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A Fundraiser From the 50's

50s Drive InST. JOHNSBURY - Leather jackets. Classic cars. Root beer floats. No, we're not talking about things associated with the movie "Grease." It was Thursday night at the St. Johnsbury Town School, where a 50's- and 60's-themed "Drive-Thru Diner" was raising money for the school's music program.

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Community Farm's Final Harvest

Community FarmST. JOHNSBURY - As winter approaches, the St. Johnsbury Community Farm is starting to plan for the final harvest and get the farm ready for winter. The farm, located on Old Center Road, provides fresh vegetables to local food shelves, as well as the St. Johnsbury meal site.

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New Security System for St. Johnsbury School

school securityST. JOHNSBURY- The past couple of months have been scary times for the residents of St. Johnsbury with the escape of inmates, the murder of Melissa Jenkins, and most recently the discovery of a meth lab. Even going out and about around town has people on high alert, but what about the parents who are sending their children to school? 

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Drawing Benefits Seniors

drawingbenefitsseniorsST. JOHNSBURY - Edward Kadunc, an art instructor in Saint Johnsbury is helping seniors at the Good Living Senior Center grow more than just artistically.

During his two hour classes Kadunc helps challenge seniors in new ways with new forms of thinking, while helping them create their own artistic treasures.

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