Legislative Breakfast Has Big Announcements

janeST. JOHNSBURY- State legislators from the Northeast Kingdom made some announcements at this mornings monthly breakfast that will greatly impact residents in the town of Barnet and St. Johnsbury and both announcements will greatly impact the well-being of the residents in these towns.


State Representative Marcia Martel announced the House Committee Corrections and Institutions are giving the town of Barnet a 40 year loan to help fix the water issues in the Fire District #2.

Martel said, "Hopefully we'll be able to help Barnet out with their water. And it's not many things over there, big like this that come to the Northeast Kingdom. So I'm really pushing for them and hopefully they'll ge their water."

The loan which will give money to the town over a 40 year period will help fix the old water system which provides for 62 households in the Barnet Village.

Senator Joe Benning spoke of how he and others want to help the town out, "Several Months ago Jane and I went down to Barnet and we stood in the mud and looked at the water problem that they were having, recognizing that there is something that really needs to be done that they by themselves cannot afford to do."

Senator Jane Kitchel also announced a revitalization project the Vermont Housing and Conservation board will be starting for the Depot Square apartment building in downtown St. Johnsbury.

Kitchel says, "So that building is actually going to under go a mulit-million dollar renovation and have a significant impact on the downtown for teh twon of St. Johnsbury."

The Legislators will be heading back to Montpelier tomorrow to continue work in the House, Senate, and their respected committees.
The next Legislative Breakfast will be held April 29th at the St. Johnsbury House starting at 8 am.


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