A Worthwhile Investment

Saint Johnsbury- For many, Vermont is seen as a leader in the renewable energy front. However, is this a trend that one may see on a smaller scale in rural Vermont, or simply found in the hubbub of cities like Burlington. 

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Vote for St. Johnsbury Cemetery Commission

GroveCemeteryOn November 8th, the town of St. Johnsbury will be asked to vote on creating a cemetery commission.


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New Police Body Cameras

bodycamerasST. JOHNSBURY - A recent police-involved shooting in Winooski, Vermont has re-engaged the discussion of the use of police body cameras across the state. Body cameras have been a big topic across the country since the incidents in 2014 involving Michael Brown in Baltimore, MD and Eric Garner in New York City.  It is because of incidents like those that cameras have been implemented to record certain interactions between officers and citizens.

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Syrian Architect

SYRIANthumbnailST. JOHNSBURY - On Thursday night, Saint Johnsbury Academy welcomed a special guest to speak to the public, Mohamad Hafez. Hafez, a Syrian Artist and Architect, talked to a full room of students and residents about the difficulties of being a refugee.


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Meals on Wheels

MOWSt. Johnsbury- After a financial scare, St. Johnsbury Meals on Wheels will keep on rolling.  One of Meals on Wheals goals is to deliver meals to elderly people or induviduals who are unable to prepare warm food or have meals otherwise provided.

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This is Only a Drill!

Fire TrainingSAINT JOHNSBURY — Catastrophe was ablaze at the Saint Johnsbury Health and Rehabilitation Center as firefighters cleared one of the center’s wings. At least, this is what it may have seemed like when the Saint Johnsbury Fire Department was conducting a disaster drill.

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Police Expansion Denied

policeexpansionST. JOHNSBURY - Tax payers and residents of St. Johnsbury voted against a police expansion proposal that has been around since 2011. The voting took place during a special select board meeting last Monday.

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Raising Awarness for Alzheimers

alzheimers final thumbnailST. JOHNSBURY - Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott attended the Walk to End Alzheimer's over the weekend to help raise awareness for the disease. Hundreds of walkers dressed in purple lined the streets of St. Johnsbury to help spread the awareness for the cause.

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Meals on Wheels Deficit

mealnwheelzST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Meals on Wheels program has been battling financial hardship for the last few years and is currently facing a $12,000 deficit.

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Parking Meters to be Replaced

parkingmeterST. JOHNSBURY - Town officials are looking into removing parking meters from downtown St. Johnsbury. Town officials believe that kiosks could be the way to go. If the town wanted wanted to bring back the meters it could end up costing more then $ 25,000 to reinstall them.

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Memorial Garden New Plaque

memST. JOHNSBURY - Following the anniversary of his death, St. Johnsbury firefighters are working to honor fallen firefighter Eugene McDonough.

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Pre-K Registration Season

stjprek2ST. JOHNSBURY - It's time to register your children for Pre-K and the St. Johnsbury School is sharing information on how to do so. Michelle Fox is the Early Education Coordinator at the St. Johnsbury School and states the benefits of registering children early for the Pre-K program.

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National Fitness Month

fitnessmonthST. JOHNSBURY - May is National Fitness and Sports Awareness Month and RecFit in St. Johnsbury is teaching residents how to stay active. One instructor at RecFit teaches over 8 classes and tells us why it's important to get up and go.

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Beating the Odds

bowlingST. JOHNSBURY- You may remember as a kid going out to your local bowling alley either for a league night or just for a fun night with friends. Even though over the years many bowling alleys have closed, the St. Johnsbury bowling alley continues to beat the odds.

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Child Abuse Prevention Month

posterST. JOHNSBURY-In 1974, President Nixon signed the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), beginning a nationwide response to the problem. In 1983, April was declared Child Abuse Prevention month by President Reagan. From the beginning, art has been a way to express oneself, and spread awareness.

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Water Treatment Tour

water treatmentSAINT JOHNSBURY- Last night, the water treatment facility in Saint Johnsbury opened its doors to the community to show them what they need for funding to make repairs to the plant.

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Wastewater Facility Tours

WASTESAINT JOHNSBURY- Saint Johnsbury residents were given a tour of the town's wastewater management plant. Chief Operator Jim Brimblecomb allowed those on the tour a first hand view of what upgrades are needed.

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Murder Charge Against Baird Dropped

OHagan ChargesST. JOHNSBURY - UPDATE: The last of the three men accused of killing a 78-year-old Sheffield woman back in September 2010 is no longer facing a first-degree murder charge. Keith Baird appeared in Caledonia County Court on March 18, 2016 for a hearing to have the charge against him dropped. The court heard the argument from Baird's defense attorney, Robert Katims on whether the murder charge against Baird should be dropped. District Attorney, Lisa Warren argued the charge against Baird should remain.

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Spanish and Tango Classes

Cat classSAINT JOHNSBURY-Tuesdays at Catamount Arts, adults can learn how to speak Spanish and dance the tango. Isabel Costa teaches both classes to folks wanting to explore a new culture.  She says both classes have a lot in common.


“They are languages," she says. "One is my native language and the other is a language that you use to communicate with your body.

 The attendees all have different reasons for attending.

Barb Walker attends because she travels.

“I went to Puerto Rico a bunch of times and felt lousy because I couldn’t speak the language,” says Walker.

But with traveling and learning about different cultures, the language isn’t the only thing that should be explored. Tango classes are also taught at Catamount Arts. Peter Lloyd takes them with his wife.

They say it’s nice that the classes are local; they won the classes through an auction at the art center.

The pair decided it would be a good idea to try out the class and see how the couple did. They say they're  learning but not without challenges.

“It’s hard to remember the steps but once you get going in a groove its kind of nice,” says Peter.

Regardless of how you communicate, Costa encourages those willing to try, to have fun.

A Need for a Younger Generation

K PictureST. JOHNSBURY-- The 66th Annual Kiwanis Auction kicked off on Monday, with tonight being the final night. Throughout the years, the Kiwanis Club has gone through a lot of changes since their start in 1950. One of the biggest struggles the club faces now is the decreasing number of members.

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Young Girl Wishes To Continue Education

young girlST. JOHNSBURY- Everyone has hopes and dreams, and for Dali Kabanadze she hopes to be able to afford another year at Saint Johnsbury Academy.

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Jamaican Culture Comes To St.Johnsbury

jamaicaSaint Johnsbury-If you’ve ever wanted to go to Jamaica and couldn’t afford it, a part of the Jamaican culture actually came to Catamount arts. Many community members got the opportunity to experience the food, the music, and the atmosphere of what the Jamaican culture is actually like. 

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Finding Fish at Fairbanks Museum

fairbanksfishST. JOHNSBURY - Tales of the Loch Ness Monster and mermaids left children in awe as they and their parents gathered around in classrooms at the Fairbanks Museum Friday morning to learn about this years theme, ocean life and storytelling.

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Escaped Inmate Recap

12968018 461882230684696 4413646606042903575 oST. JOHNSBURY- If you were in the St. Johnsbury area Wednesday you may have heard helicopters, dogs barking, and seen multiple law enforcement agencies patroling the area. The reason for this? An inmate from the Caledonia County Work Camp had escaped. 

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Caledonia Sheriff's Department on the Move?

cal sheriffST. JOHNSBURY - The Caledonia County Sheriff’s Department may be on the move from its current location in the basement of the courthouse in St. Johnsbury.

The sheriffs’ departments in Vermont are contractually obligated to provide security to their respective county courthouses. If the Caledonia County Sheriff’s Department were to move, it could cause a small delay in response times if there was an issue at the courthouse.

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