CataMount Arts and Their Gallery

CATAMOUNT ARTS GALLERYST JOHNSBURY- The CataMount Arts Museum in the town of Saint Johnsbury features a gallery. Katherine French is the CataMount Arts Gallery Director since February of 2015.

One of the exhibits they feature is Juried shows. At the showing different type of art and artists are featured, those artists are from all over New England and the country.


"It's different kinds of people from all over the United States who apply. They are all members of CataMount Arts."

French worked at Danforth Art Museum before working at CataMount Arts. She was the Executive Director at Danforth. "I've worked in academic institutions that work with students and faculty and create collabrative programming. Danforth was a museum of American Art and we showcased our colllection."

CataMount is an art center and showcases different types of artists' masterpieces as well as performing arts events.

The Vermont Curators Group works with different people froom across Vermont that work in Museums. The group consists of roughly twenty people and have been meeting for about three years. "Working opportunity for curators to get together and discuss ideas. We came up with the idea of finding one theme and then using that theme broadly. Each institution would have an exhibition that was related to that theme."

Katherine French strongly advises that the public sees the exhibit that is currently up at the CataMount Art Museum in Saint Johnsbury.