Daly, Copeland-Hanzas Prep for Election

orange 2AROUND THE NEK Voters in the towns of Bradford, Fairlee and West Fairlee will be going to the polls in just a few days to choose their Vermont State House Representative.

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Hoffer Speaks Out

doughofferST. JOHNSBURY - Democrat Doug Hoffer will face Republican Senator Vincent Illuzzi and Jerry Levy of the Liberty Union party for the position of state auditor on election day.

Current Auditor of Accounts Tom Salmon will not be running for re-election. 


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Extended Vince Illuzzi Interview

LYNDON - Vince Illuzzi sat down with News 7 reporter, Phil Alexander, in the Lyndon State College Library to talk about his campaign and and opponents for the State Auditor position.

Illuzzi response to Doug Hoffer's statement that he has been know to improperly record meetings and documents.

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Vince Illuzzi for State Auditor

IlluzziLYNDON - Vince Illuzzi stopped by Lyndon State College to talk to News 7 reporter, Phil Alexander.

During his candidacy for State Auditor, Illuzzi is focusing his campaign on the idea of using tax payer dollars wisely.

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Caledonia-3 Candidates Prepare

Caledonia 3 candidatesCALEDONIA COUNTY - House District candidates hit the streets to get their name and voice out to the public as election day approaches.

Democrat Michelle Fay, Republican Gary Reis, and Democrat Robert South will be all be running for two seats in the Caledonia-3 District. Reis and South currently hold the two seats.

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Voter Registration Deadline Draws Closer

votersST. JOHNSBURY - Election day is right around the corner and St. Johnsbury town clerk Stacy Jewell says the turnout of Vermonters registering to vote this year was good.

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Extended Interview With Doug Hoffer

ST. JOHNBURY - Candidate for State Auditor (of Accounts) Doug Hoffer sat down with News 7 Reporter Phil Alexander to talk about a variety of issues.


Hoffer explains what he's learned from his previous run for State Auditor.

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NEK Politicians Weigh In On Debates

presdebaterecapNORTHEAST KINGDOM - Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama had their second presidential debate in a town hall styled setting. They both answered many questions, and were able to get their jabs at each other in.

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Kiwanis Auction Comes to a Close

KIWANIS FINAL PICTURESt. Johnsbury- Last night was the final night of the annual Kiwanis Auction that took place at the Father Lively Parish Center on Summer Street. The money raised in the auction will be used to help support the local pool for the community.

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Kiwanis Community

kiwanis communityST. JOHNSBURY - When the term Kiwanis comes up, most people don't understand what it is. So, what is it? You'd be surprised to find out that it's a world-wide rganization that is dedicated to making children's lives better.

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Kiwanis Auction

kiwanis auctionST. JOHNSBURY- This year's Kiwanis auction has made some larger improvements compared to years past.

The advancement in technology has really helped the auction go much smoother than ever before. In previous years bids were by phone and live.

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62nd Auction Comes to a Close

Kiwanis Pool in St. JST.JOHNSBURY - The 62nd Annual Kiwanis Auction came to a close Wednesday evening.

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Ryegate Town Meeting Results

RYEGATE- The Town of Ryegate's $1,059,631 budget was approved by unanimous voice vote and without any resident questions or comments in a quick and upbeat town meeting this Tuesday. Most other items on the agenda were also passed unanimously, including the exemption of Blue Mountain Grange from paying non-school property taxes and all town officer elections. 

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Barnet Town Meeting Day 2019

barnettmdBARNET- on town meeting day, barnet residents approved the town budget alongside the 22 other articles on the warning. The town budget now reflects a total amount of $1,580,072.86 after the town approved $50,0000 to be used by the towns five fire districts.

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The School's Side to Town Meeting

LyndonwaterAROUND THE NEK - Big decisions will be made for the towns of Burke, Concord, Lunenburg, Lyndon, Newark, Sutton, Sheffield, and Wheelock on Town Meeting this year.  That's because they will all be deciding whether or not their schools will be joining the Kingdom East School District, as a part of Vermont's proposed Act 46. The legislation is asking school districts to unify into one due to low enrollment and to better meet state goals. However, this is a slippery slope for a lot of community members in smaller towns, and the state has made the merge almost inevitable.

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Town Meeting Day, Lyndon and Saint Johnsbury

st. j commerceAROUND THE NEK - Lyndon's Town Meeting Day brought residents to voice their opinions on town issues and budgets.

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New Hampshire Votes

NHTownMeetingNEW HAMPSHIRE- New Hampshire towns had their town meetings yesterday, where issues spanned from select board members to airports. Today, the results are in, with a vast approval rate. 


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Sutton Declines Proposed School Budget

SUTTON - With a difference of only 10 votes, Sutton's proposed school budget was declined. While 57 residents voted yes to the proposed budget, 67 voted no. Many believe that the buyout of the schools former principal had a strong impact on the decision. 

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Budget Proposals on the Rise in Danville

danvilleDANVILLE - Budgets are on the rise for both the school and town as Danville goes into vote for todays Town Meeting. 

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Positive Changes for St. Johnsbury

st.jeduthumnailST. JOHNSBURY-Unlike past years, conversations about the St. Johnsbury school budget are running smoothly. The school board held an informational hearing last night to discuss the proposed budget. 


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Pools of Money

lyndon signLYNDON- As temperatures remain cold, Town Meeting Day in Lyndon is heating up. In addition to voting on the proposed budget for next year, taxpayers could be paying a few bucks more for the community pool in Powers Park.


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Burke Budgets

burkewelcomesignBURKE- With Town Meeting Day set for tomorrow the town of Burke is having their annual informational meeting tonight.This year's proposed town budget did increase to $1,354,984.37 from last year's budget of $1,289,212.87. 

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Increased Taxes for Sutton?

suttontrckSUTTON- Sutton residents will have a lot to think about at the polls tomorrow. They are facing a higher tax rate than in past years for several reasons.

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Littleton Faces Recount on DPW Vote

littleton town meeting

LITTLETON, NH - The final voting results on Littleton's $1.2 million new DPW building request are going to be recounted.

"The votes did not quite make the 60%," said Littleton Selectwoman Marghie Seymour, reached by phone Wednesday morning.

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Lyndon Town Meeting

lyndon town meetingLYNDON - The town of Lyndon had quite the variety of topics come up yesterday during it's annual town meeting. There were seven organizations that missed the deadline for special appropriations, and that caused some brouhaha amongst the towns people.

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