Kiwanis Auction

kiwanis auctionST. JOHNSBURY- This year's Kiwanis auction has made some larger improvements compared to years past.

The advancement in technology has really helped the auction go much smoother than ever before. In previous years bids were by phone and live.

Now, with the advances in the Internet a majority of the bids are now online. The winning bids were also written using a paoer and clip board. Now they are all put into a computer system where it can be organized and seen easier than ever before.

 "I think whats different in the past couple of years is the fact that we are really heavy on the Internet now STJK auction has all of the auction items there, you can get your bidder number, so that's a big change for us," said auction coordinator Bob Brazil. Though the changes have made the auction go more smoothly some miss the high intensity action that went along with, organized pandemonium, that is the auction atmosphere.

"You know its a double edge sword, I mean it used to be a lot more activity and a lot more fun in a way, but it is way more efficient now" said Bob Dimick a Kiwanas auctioneer since 1996. Although he is in a way not as fond as having the chaos in previous years he does however see the great benefits as far as advertising goes

"If you think about it, its the best bang for your buck that there is. You get newspaper advertising, you get two radio stations, and you get their Internet," Dimick said. With these advances in technology the auction can continue to smoother and smoother ever year.