VT Secretary Jim Condos Will Not Return To Office

VERMONT - After 12 years as Vermont Secretary of State, Jim Condos has announced he will not be on the ballot in the fall. "While I have enjoyed this job every day, I look forward to a new chapter next January," he said. This announcement came Tuesday afternoon during a press conference.

"It was critically important to me that the Secretary of State's office operate in a non-partisan, non-political matter," Condos said. He feels that this goal was accomplished during his time in office. In 2018, Condos served a one-year term as the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) President, the United States' oldest non-partisan governing organization.

Secretary Condos also oversaw the office's transition from paper to digital processes "using online applications and a well-respected and redesigned website." 

Prior to serving in the Secretary of State office, Condos represented Chittenden County as a Senator for eight years. Before that, he was on the South Burlington city council for a total of eighteen years. While Condos does not plan to run for any other elected position, he says his 38 years in public office have taught him to "never say never."

His predecessor, Deb Markowitz (1999-2011), also retired from the position after 12 years. Secretary Condos says the timing just feels right. "Many of my colleagues have taken town meeting week, for instance, and they will go on vacation or something. It's really difficult when you're in this job to do that because there's always something going on." Condos hopes to spend his newfound free time next January with his family, specifically his grandkids and mother.

Secretary Condos has not endorsed anyone for his position but said his Deputy Secretary, Chris Winters, was considering running for office.