251 Club Gets New Member

VERMONT - The green mountain state of Vermont is well known for it's beautiful scenery. With over 100 historic landmarks, it's hard to not want to see everything.


"I find history everywhere. Where I've lived there have been those historical markers. I don't think there's a part of Vermont that isn't steeped in history," said Kathleen Monroe.

Monroe is a resident of Barnet, and has lived there for 10 years and is also a part of Club 251, an organization created by Vermonters in 1954 who have or want to travel to all 251 cities and towns in the state.

Executive Director Stephanie Young says that it all started with a question from a reader of Vermont Life Magazine, "How do I know the real Vermont?"  The solution was born right then and there; visiting all 251 cities and towns.

"It's a really great way to really get to know Vermont. You end up discovering places that you might not have otherwise and you end up having these memories created by going through all 251 cities and towns." Young said.

Folks can start anytime and travel at their own pace. Monroe started 47 years ago as her job required her to go all over the state. Then in 2015, she retired, allowing her to complete her adventure by August of this year.

"It gave me an opportunity to see libraries, see towns, and have a purpose for going, and eating a lot of ice cream," Monroe said.

For everyone who embarks on this adventure, the experience is different.

"Some members will try to find historic markers if that is their passion. Some will visit general stores.And then some just go out and explore Vermont," Young Said.

For people who have taken on this journey, it wasn't about how long it took them to travel, but the memories and connections that they made along the way.