Plan For Homeless Vermonters

VERMONT - As vermont begins to ease covid restrictions. Tourism in the state is looking to go back to normal. But emergency pandemic housing for the homeless is currently filling up many of the hotels.

In a typical year the state would house a few hundred homeless vermonters. But, during the pandemic more than 2,000 vermonters were in need. The state does have a two step plan in the works that would look into a more long term and sustainable housing program for many of Vermonts homeless.

"Over the next couple of weeks and months we will be working with our housing partners to help make the transition of the emergency housing program to something that is more sustainable, and also works to get folks into more permanent housing versus a program that is intended for emergency and short term housing." says Jenny Samuelson, Vermont's Department of Human Services Secretary.

A new scott administration transition plan worth nearly 40 million federal dollars is waiting approval by the legislature.

This two step transition plan will budget for four million to go to motel based housing support services, another four million to support the transitioning process, and thirty million to cover motel bills for emergency housing.

In this proposed plan starting July 1st, about a third of the 2,000 plus homeless vermonters in motels will no longer be eligible for a room. Those who are considered to be vulnerable under the state's proposed plan consist of those above the age of 60, families with kids, those fleeing from domestic violence and those who have a disability, are eligible to apply for a temporary 84 day extension.

Those who are no longer eligible will receive $1,500 per household from the state to help pay for shelter.