J&J Come Back To The State

BARTON-After a long wait for a vaccine that was put on hold for several weeks, Governor Phil Scott announced the vaccine has finally become available in the state of Vermont.

Vermont's Governor re-tweeting on Monday from the Vermont Department of Health, there was going to be a drive in clinic at the Orleans County Fairgrounds. In Barton, for Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) vaccine shots. The site was open from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon. The vaccination clinic was hosted by Vermont's National Guard, people were showing up in their cars at the Fairgrounds before 8:45 in the morning. Before people were allowed to go through the grounds, they were scanned for their temperature. Cars were then directed to two booths with national guardsmen checking patients in.

Major Daniel Dykeman, explained that even though the news of the Clinic was put out pretty quickly, the Guard was prepared for this work. "I think generally this portion of the state actually want's Johnson and Johnson. So we are happy to be out here and accommodating that, we've had a pretty good registration in a short amount of time to come to this clinic today. The state did push this out, and walk-ins available so those folks that want Johnson and Johnson can show up here to get that today."

By the time it was nine thirty there were over forty cars at the site, and two hundred fifteen people registered to get vaccinated. Within an hour, over one hundred forty people had been vaccinated on sight. A woman traveling with her husband said she never wanted to get the vaccine in the first place, but she hadn't seen her grandchildren in weeks. Others say it's a quick one and done, and you don't have to come back for a second dose.

A registered army nurse, Peter Lennon, says the Guard has been busy getting vaccinations in people's arms. "We've been doing weekly five sites at minimum per team, five sites per week since the beginning of march. As far as the states, we've definitely vaccinated over thirty, forty thousand people," Lennon explains.

Lennon, and several other registered nurses spent their time that day in a trailer preparing vaccine shots. To the right of the room, someone was documenting how many vaccinations had been distributed. The site was given four hundred vaccines for the day.

Moving down the line of cars inside the Fairgrounds, army nurses were putting shots in arms. National Guardsmen gathered in tents, for any patients that wish to be vaccinated outside their cars.

As the state prepares to have more Johnson and Johnson vaccine sites like this, Vermont is expecting upcoming vaccination roll out in the upcoming weeks. "For Johnson and Johnson, on top of any supply in the system after the pause, we'll see a small distribution next week. About eight hundred doses each for the state supply and pharmacies," Republican, Governor Phil Scott said.

To know more on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and its possible risks and benefits you can visit the centers for disease control and prevention website.