Three Foot Distancing In Classrooms

VERMONT - Since Vermont schools re opened in September after having to move remote in March due to the ongoing pandemic. Most schools in the state re opened with a new hybrid learning style, just one-way schools have been navigating during the pandemic. But, Vermont officials and Vermonters want students back in the classrooms full time as soon as possible.

The main issue right now with getting all students back to in person learning is the rules and capacity limits set by the state which the schools need to fallow. Right now, in the state of Vermont, grades kindergarten through sixth grade can have classrooms with distancing at three feet. Which is different from grades seventh through twelfth grade which like the rest of the state must fallow the six feet physical distancing. This is the main reason middle and high school students are going to school using the hybrid style learnings because six foot distancing in classrooms is just not reasonable for middle and high schools in our state.


Recently the Center for Disease Control (CDC) came out and said that kindergarten through twelfth grade can now fallow the three-foot physical distancing in classrooms. This would allow for more students to be in each classroom, along with allowing more schools to begin fully in person instruction again.

Vermont middle and high schools have yet to begin using the three-foot distancing in classrooms. As the state of Vermont's Department of Health and the infectious disease experts at the University of Vermont are closely evaluating the CDC four new studies that they conducted on the three-foot distancing, to see if it is safe for Vermont schools. Secretary of Education Dan French says, "well evaluate that not only from a scientific standpoint but also relevant to what we think is best for Vermont. So, I would say with a certain amount of optimism were excited by the change and I think it will allow us to have more students return to in person instruction which is critical at this point."

Vermont's Department of Health and the infectious disease experts at the University of Vermont are finishing their evaluation on the CDC studies and hope to make a decision on the three-foot physical distancing in schools next week.