School Staff Vaccinations

VERMONT - On March 2nd Governor Phil Scott announced school staff and childcare workers are officially eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Last week some received their COVID vaccine, and more are receiving their vaccines in the weeks to come. This is all a part of a goal the Scott administration hopes to accomplish by the end of April; to get all schools back to in person learning.

During the Governors press conference on the 2nd, Governor Scott acknowledge the one dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine and how it is going to play a vital role in getting Vermont schools back to in person learning. The shipment of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine the state received will be available for school staff and childcare workers first, Agency of Human Services Secretary Mike Smith Said during the governor's Press Conference, "we will leverage our new supply of vaccines and the expanded federal pharmacy program to support accomplishing the goal that we know educators and Vermonter's share."

Now Vermont Childcare workers and School staff have many ways to receive their COVID vaccines. The first way a School staff member can receive their Covid vaccine is by getting an access code given to them by their school administration and going on to the department of Health website to sign up using their specific school code. Once doing this they will pick a timeslot to receive their vaccine at either a state run COVID vaccine clinic or a school based COVID vaccine clinic. If a school staff member or childcare worker doesn't want to receive the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, they are eligible to sign up with Kinney Drugs or Walgreens to receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. All they will need for registration is to show a valid school or childcare ID.

St. Johnsbury school Superintendent Dr. Brian Ricca is excited for his staff that they are finally eligible to receive their vaccine "I think it's exciting, it is giving us a sense of hope, it is giving us a sense that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Honestly, teachers are just excited to be a part of the process." Ricca shared with us the Agency of Education is planning to set up a school-based Vaccination clinic at either St. Johnsbury school or St. Johnsbury Academy, but details on that clinic are still being worked out. If a school staff member or childcare worker has any questions about COVID-19 Vaccinations, they are asked to talk to their school administration or Department for Children and Families for more information.