Governor Phil Scott Files for Re-Election

VERMONT - Governor Phil Scott announced he filed for, and will be seeking re-election Thursday. He is looking to, and hopes to gain votes from Vermonter's in August and November. Even as normal times continue to be a work in progress.  

The Governor remains to use COVID-19, as a top campaign driver as well.

"As our state and our nation continue to navigate a once-in-century-challenge, Vermonter's need and deserve a full time governor, who is focused on leading Vermont through the public health, and economic crisis COVID-19 has created," stated Governor Phil Scott.

Governor Phil Scott will not be campaigning the traditional way either, as election season draws nearer.

"Until the state of emergency is over, I won't have a campaign staff, office, be raising money, or participating in campagin events. I will remain focused on fufilling my responsibilties to the state I love. Facing, fighting and defeating the virus, and rebuilding a more resilient economy are my top priorities," stated Scott.

This Friday, May 29th, Governor Phil Scott hopes to make more annoucements regarding re-opening the state a bit further, as well. This includes increasing the number of people allowed to gather.