Electricity use Plans to Peak This Summer Amid COVID

VERMONT-The state is anticipating a surge in electrical use this summer as people are expected to continue to work online, and remotely into the Fall. However, the state hopes to be able to meet the necessary electricty demands, that they are being asked of.

ISO New England is a primer New England internet provider for reliable electrical grides, and does prepares for short-term fordcasts through the summer. This includes things heat waves, and a surge in internet use.

"We expect the pandemic to continue to affect the way consumers use energy throughout the summer, though the exact changes are impossible to predict due to uncertainty regarding social distancing measures, and economic activity. So far New England's power system is able to account for this uncertainty," stated Vamsi Chadalavada CEO of ISO New England. 

As more people continue to go online for long periods of time though, this certainty changes. ISO New England hopes to be able to make up for surges as best they can-in the following months.