Local Teachers Have Not Been Forgotten

teacherVERMONT - This week is Teacher Appreciation week across America, and this year it has become more meaningful than ever, as teachers undergo the ultimate duty to transform lesson plans and make them compatible with a virtual platform. It has been especially difficult in the NEK where not everyone has connection or at least good connection to the internet.With distance learning in place, the bar has been raised for teachers to continue to provide the best quality education as possible, this has been no easy task, but many parent-teacher organizations have made it happen.

One of the great examples in our local community has been the Saint Johnsbury School where we spoke with Jennifer Fisher, the President of the schools PTO and also a parent of a student at the school. Schools across the area realize the reality of this crisis, and the PTO President mentioned that "kids and staff have struggled with this new model". However, she assured us that "We have a wonderful staff" with "170 staff members." Fisher stated that "our staff makes sure to smile and be available through zoom." While students spend day after day inside on their computer or laptop, the Saint Johnsbury school also seemed to understand the importance of connecting with students, "Some of our staff are helping outside of the classroom."

All in all, this was not how students expected to end their last half on their school year. But with the power of technology and social media, we take our hats off to the teachers that form our future. A simple Facebook message or post, or even a letter can make the day in these difficult times. The school communities have been brought together even closer because of these common challenges and from the sounds of it, they are becoming even more resilient despite a hard adaptation process, that especially Elementary school children can face. You can follow the Saint Johnsbury School on Facebook for more updates on daily activities surrounding Teacher Appreciation Week.