Time To Renew Dog Licenses

DOGNORTHEAST KINGDOM- If you have a furry friend, then you need to renew their license. Dog licenses are due for every town in Vermont on April 1st, and if you wait untill after that date you will have pay more to license your dog.


Stacy Jewell, the town manager for Saint Johnsbury,  has only had 176 dog owners come to get licensed, and she anticipates about 775 total dogs need to get licensed before April 1st. and she says the lack of owners comming in to get their dog licensed in concerning. 

"Usually we have a few late but not this many, usually most people come in Febuary just before town meeting, i just don't want to see a big rush of people sranding in here April 1st," she said. "If the dog does get loose, if it has a tag on it, we can locate the owner and return it home versus it beeing picked up by the police department and K9 officer and having it go to the dog pound," she said. 

The cost to license your dog is similar in each town. In Lyndon, and Barnet you'll pay between $9-$13, depending on whether or not they have been spayed and neutered. In Saint Johnsbury you'll pay between $13-$17. Barnet town clerk Benjamin Heisholt says only 60 out of an anticipated 300 dogs in Barnet have been licensed so far, and that this is a relativly normal year. 

"In general the last couple of weeks is when we see most of them, a lot of them actually we do at the a rabies clinic thats held in Ryegate at the small animal hospital," Heisholt said. 

If you get caught without a license the first offense is a fee of $50-100, your second offense is $100-200, and your third offense could cost you as much as $200-500. 

Prior to getting your dog license, you must make sure your dog has had a rabies vaccination, and you need to bring the certificate with you when paying the licensing fee.