Town Manager Search

new town managerHAVERHILL, N.H-The search for a town manager of Haverhill New Hampshire is still ongoing. Ads have been released and the search is officially on as the town seeks its second town manager.


Since the town was founded in 1763 Glenn English hired in 1995 has been the only town manger, English retired at the end of last year. In the mean time Jo Lacallaide will take the place as interim town manager until the town can find the right person for the job.

Now after the hectic time of town meetings and voting the town is ready to start that search. The town of Haverhill will not be voting on the position but rather sending out ads to reach out to people who would like to apply for the job.

"Prime EX is our insurance company and one of the services they provide to their members is a town manager search." Interim Town Manager Jo Lacallaide said "They pay for and put on, so Prime EX has come in and met with our board three times and they're starting that process now"

This is only the start of the process as the board waits for applications to come in. The board along with Lacallaide will review all the applications before making a final decision on who will take over the job.