Expanding NVRH

ST. JOHNSBURY - The Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital has been serving the Kingdom for years. They look to continue their mission with the 3 million dollars they will receive as part of the major government funding bill announced by Senator Sanders.

"We have a real mental health crisis and the number of patients in mental health crisis that we see in our ED has really grown over the past couple of years," NVRH CEO, Shawn Tester said.

Right now, NVRH has 9 rooms in their department. By the time this project is completed, the hospital will have 16 rooms. Altogether, the project will cost 19 million dollars, so with this additional funding, Tester says, "It's a huge help."

"We couldn't break ground on that 4 room wing without it. So that's really transformative for us," Tester said.

Along with the expansion, Tester also says that rooms will be negative presurized which will help to eliminate the spread of sicknesses. This will allow staff to care for patients more and folks won't have to wait to get the help they need.

"That's gonna dramatically improve the patient's experience when they're at our hospital. But altamemately, we need to do as a community and members of the great state of Vermont is really advocate for enhanced access to treatment," Tester said.

Fundraising efforts will be going out on NVRH's website and the project is expected to break ground in a few months.