Used Books Raise Kingdom Meals

St. Johsbury-Boxcar and Caboose local independent bookstore has now invested in a new tradition to help local charities in the community. Using old books to help raise some funds.

Last June, right after coming out of the first wave of the pandemic, Boxcar began taking donated books from all across the NEK. Entering the store, by Friday, Boxcar and Caboose had collected over fifteen boxes. Rep. Scott Beck, Vermont Republican and store owner says the store will have double that amount by Saturday.

On the Saturday of each month beginning May first, through October. Boxcar collects these books from the community, then invites a local charity to sell these used books along with Beck and his team at the store. Then all the proceeds go to that local charity. This year, the book store was also collecting books on April 29th, and April 30th. The local charity being chosen this year was Meals On Wheels.

"We're really focused on groups and organizations that are focused on the community. Especially with children and families, and things like food insecurity. So Meals On Wheels is a good fit for that," Beck said. Last year the store was able to raise five thousand dollars for local area charities, hoping to raise more this year.

Beck says organizations that accept these donations are always really grateful. Meal site delivery driver, Bonnie Boardman, one of the volunteers helping collect these books says these donations really help. Meals On Wheels numbers have grown throughout the pandemic. Boardman says Meals On Wheels cooks do so much for people that need meals, everyone involved cares about preventing food insecurity.

Beck says the store can have from fifty books donated to them, up to two thousand. "Part of the social fabric of this country is, people can not throw away books. We have a relationship with a group from Massachusetts, and after we are done with selling books, they come up and they take the remainder all away," Beck explained. The bookstore is looking to do more donations like this all year round. Specifically focusing on doing donations through the winter months.