Fast Chargers Coming to St. Johnsbury

ST. JOHNSBURY - A new fast charger may be coming to a town near you. Governor Phil Scott announced on Monday that 11 new plug-in electric vehicle charging stations will be coming to the state over the next two years.

As part of the Blink Network, a new fast charger station will be coming to St. Johnsbury on railroad street. The three-bay fast charger station will be located at the St. Johnsbury welcome center in the south end of the lot, directly across the street from Anthony's Diner.

These Charging stations will have the charging capability to charge an electric vehicle to 230 miles in just thirty minutes. These chargers will be a significant upgrade to the electric vehicle charger currently on Pearl street, which is outdated and time for an upgrade.
Governor Phil Scott says in a statement, "This will enable more EV travel options across Vermont and beyond. Combined with incentives offering $10,000 or more toward eligible EV purchases."

When these new stations are complete, it will allow Vermonters to have access to a fast-charging station anywhere in the state withing thirty miles. The state of Vermont is also working on bringing six more highway corridor fast charging stations at strategic locations across the state.