The Voice For Regular Vermonters

ST, JOHNSBURY-Law Attorney, Brice Simon, is taking a whack at running for the legislature this year. Hoping to focus on being the voice for regular Vermonters.

This will be Simon's first year running, he's always had an interest in running since he was young. But expresses, he just never had the time while being focused on family, and running his own business.

"As a law student, I was a clerk in the Vermont Legislature and learned about the legislative process, in that time. I got very interested in how the Vermont Legislature works. As a lawyer, over many years, I've seen a lot of statues that are poorly worded and cause unintended consequences. I have often thought that it would be good to get into the legislature as a way in helping clean up some of those statues," Simon explains.

Simon has a wide background in environmental law. Some of his concerns for the state of Vermont are climate policies, energy efficiency, health care, economic recovery, trying to get people back to work, and universal healthcare. He is also interested in finding new ways to deal with Covid-19, as it's taken its toll on the state economically.

Some of the ways Simon has helped his community in the last year is working as corporator for Northeast Regional. In that role he attends hospital meetings, learning more about what's going on for the hospital. He also works with different business owners in the St. Johnsbury area to try to get small businesses open.

If he gets elected he would love to take part in updating some older Bills that don't fit into this century. LIke laws involving joint ownership of property, laws involving domestic relationships. He believes that there are lots of areas where technology has exceeded the expectation of old laws.

Simon says the hardest thing about the election this year is not being able to go out and campaign. Going door to door is very important, especially for a newcomer. But he is confident in his candidacy, he has a lot of roots in the community and believes he has a strong band of supporters behind him.

"I think I have a core group of strong supporters, I am chair of the Democratic Committee in St. Johnsbury. I have a group of Democrats who are certainly supporting me in my candidacy," Simon explains.

He goes on to discuss the other candidates he's running against. He says that the democratic incumbent, Scott Campbell, and himself, have a great deal in common when it comes to having the right ideas to push Vermont forward. But he cannot say the same for the republicans in the race.

"Their mean thrust seems to be a message of tax reduction. Beck wants to reduce sales tax completely, Empsall talks about some sort of, broad ranging tax cuts. I think those are misguided policy focuses. I think that approach has been proven wrong, over, and over again. We've never seen an administration that got through economic recovery, or improved the economy through tax cuts," Simon explains.

Simon wants voters to know they can trust him to try a different approach. He wants to improve public service, design better policies, help bring money back to the community, and promote programs and policies that improve the lives of people in the state of Vermont.

"My interest is for the regular folks, I'm not accepting corporate donations, I haven't done a lot to collecting of some kind of campaign war chest. I am not interested in special interests, I am focused on what regular people need. I would be an advocate for regular people in Montpelier," Simon says with enthusiasm.

If he gets elected he wants to focus his priorities to serving regular Vermonters, and he is pretty confident in his way to do that. If he does not get elected, then he will continue to be an active voice in the community. He will continue being on the Democratic Committee, and share his political opinions. For more information on Brice Simon, you can visit his business website.