Scott Becks Big Ideas

ST. JOHNSBURY-Scott Beck, House Representative, has had a seat in the legislature for many years. His main focus for this years general election is to help the state of Vermont spend less money in the future.

Beck was first elected for House in 2014, he has some pretty good years of experience in politics. He is now running again this year for the general election. He is on a committee that focuses on tax policies in the state of Vermont called the House Committee on Ways and Means, and he loves what he is doing.

"I enjoy the job, I enjoy representing my town, and doing what I can to make my town better," Beck explains with enthusiasm.

The most recent work that Beck had been working on for the House of Representatives was handling funding for the education fund.

"The education fund is very reliant on consumption taxes, sales tax, meals and rooms taxes. We were initially projecting one hundred forty million dollars in deficit for the fund this fiscal year. So somebody had to go on the floor of the House, and explain to everybody, democrats and republicans, what exactly was going on, and what this defecate looked like," Beck goes on to say.

Beck explains that it was a very difficult topic to discuss because Vermont does not focus on deficit spending. For him to go onto the floor as a republican, and convince democrats and republics that the state needed to absorb the defecate, and pay it back, was a very challenging task.

Beck goes on to talking about how his job changed during the pandemic. Since the legislature session did not end until the last week of September, there were lots of zoom calls, and getting adjusted to a stay at home environment.

The pandemic really slowed everything down, and the personal connection between people was not there. He expects that working from home for the House will continue throughout January, February, and March.

"Everything takes longer, and some things that you really wanted to get done, didn't get done because you just did not have the time to get them through."

Campaigning this year was very different for everyone. Beck explains that since it was not safe to go door to door this year, he focused his campaign on community service.

"There is no door to door, there is certainly no in-person events, other than just meeting people out in public. There's no indoor fundraisers, or speeches, or debates, or anything like that. So for the last six months of my campaign I have turned to community service. We have a baseball, softball program in this town that serves three hundred kids. So myself, and a handful of other parents got together and worked our butts off to give them a quality experience."

He also has been using book sales from his book store to benefit different charities in the community, raising over five thousand dollars. As well as continuing to advocate for his community, spending a lot of time bringing a regional ice recreational center to St. Johnsbury.

Beck feels confident about the upcoming general election. He's very well known in the community, and knows he has a good group of supporters. He wants the residents of St. Johnsbury to know he works very hard for his community. Beck has noticed over the years that the town of St. Johnsbury is a very moderate area when it comes to which party the residents vote for. He thinks that he is the best choice to represent them.

"I may be the most bipartisan person in that building. I present bills for democrats, and I present bills for republicans. I am often the person that gets those critical middle votes through."

The next big short term goal Beck would like to focus on is for Vermont to continue being a model state during the Covid-19 crisis. For long term purposes, the next focus in the legislature for Beck is to help the state of Vermont think smarter with their money. Beck believes that the state needs to get more value out of what Vermont is spending its money on.

"We are the tenth highest per cap for spending, health care is super expensive, higher education is super expensive, housing is expensive. We are spending a ton of money, and we need to be getting more for it. Let's find the programs that don't perform, and let's get rid of them. Let's find the programs that perform well, and let's look at expanding them. Let's find the ones that are under performing, but could perform with more resources, and let's figure that out."

If you're interested in talking to Beck about his plans for re-election, you can always visit his facebook page, or his personal website.