Northeast Kingdoms Newest Bike Trail

ST. JOHNSBURY-The Northeast Kingdom is known for its various bike trials that run all over the state of Vermont. Tourist from all over the United States come to the Kingdom all year round for the trails, but now a new addition to the NEK bike trails is open and ready to ride.

Three Rivers Trailhead Center is now ready for the public. The making of the trail took about three years in total with a study done before that, the hope is that the trial will bring a portion of Lamoille Valley Rail Trial users to the downtown area of St. Johnsbury. The Town of St. Johnsbury was first awarded 35-thousand dollars in clean up funding when the plan was first put in place. The project transformation of the Bay Street Riverfront focuses on outdoor recreation.

The Trailhead was funded partly by the Northern Boarders Regional Commission, they gave the project about 400-seventy five thousand in grant funds, the town put about 100-twenty five thousand into it as well. Rotary is going to help out with the landskaping of the project, along with some donations they have given to the making of the trial. The trail Includes the Trailhead Center, a bike path that goes from the welcome center all the way over to Lamoille Vallley rail trail, where the rail trail did end bringing people all the way back to Downtown St. Johnsbury. 

"Yeah I have been hearing about it for a while, getting excited about it. So we took a ride sponsored by Northeast Kingdom Gravel Today, went up into Barnet and Danville and the back of St. J, and then came back finished on the trail for about seven miles. So we hopped on to the little new section to see what it was like. It was awesome, it was great it was really nice to have it come all the way down." Said Lucas Weiss who is a big fan of the bike trails in the NEK. 

The big opening of the Trailhead center was Saturday the 26th, accompinied by a big downtown event called #GETDOWNTOWN. The day was filled with fun activites for the whole family to participate in. In front of the new Trailhead Center was a live circus performance for all the kids, followed by a poetry session at the Welcome Center, and lastly a performance of live music. The day was coordinated by Catamount Arts, the town of St. Johnsbury, The St. Johnsbury Chamber Of Commerce, and funded by the Lovett Foundation. Many bikers in the area all agreed that the Get Down Town event was a great way to promote the new Trailhead Center.