Fletcher Pleas Out

fletcher dealST. JOHNSBURY - Richard Fletcher, who is one of the three suspects in the murder case of 78-year-old Sheffield resident, Mary “Pat” O’Hagan, took a plea deal yesterday. In the deal, he would plead guilty to burglary and kidnapping along with testifying against the other two suspects, Michael Norrie and Keith Baird, in order for the murder charge to be dropped.

 Before Richard Fletcher even accepted the plea deal, he acknowledged a trial was not going to happen.

“I’m not going to trial obviously,” said Richard Fletcher, who originally pleaded not guilty to the Mary “Pat” O’Hagan murder case.

In this plea deal, Richard Fletcher will be admitting to his role in the Mary “Pat” O’Hagan murder case and he will testify against the other suspects.

 “There is going to be a complete admission to Mr. Fletcher’s role in this matter, complete acceptance of responsibility,” said Daniel Sedon, Richard Fletcher’s lawyer.

The plea deal is a resolution which took quite a long time to develop, especially for all of those who were involved.

“The hardest thing for us is that we have known what happened and this is the first time anybody is being held responsible,” explained Mark O’Hagan, the son of Mary “Pat” O’Hagan.

Lisa Warren went over the state’s case against Richard Fletcher, discussing many of the details. For the O’Hagan children who were in court, hearing the details of what happened to their mother spoken publicly was not easy.

“I think this is the first time that what actually took place in the house was discussed. So overtime we hear it, it hits us as hard as it hits everyone else,” said Mark O’Hagan.

Richard Fletcher does not have a specific day to appear in court for sentencing. Keith Baird, will be in court today, March 27, 2015 for unrelated charges. Michael Norrie will be appearing in court on May 22, 2015 for a status conference regarding evidence in the O’Hagan murder case.

This resolution comes almost a year after Vermont State Police and the Caledonia County District Attorney announce they were charging three people with the disappearance and murder of Mary “Pat” O’Hagan.

According to Vermont State Police Sergeant Jason Letourneau’s affidavit, Michael Norrie, Keith Baird, and Richard Fletcher all were doing crystal meth and looking for more, when they robbed and murdered Mary “Pat” O’Hagan on September 10, 2010.

Court Documents state they knew she had money from her various charitable works, along with pills inside her house. The documents also show Fletcher and Baird allegedly took her body and brought it to Horn Road in Wheelock from her home in Sheffield. The affidavit also said that her body was found October 3, 2010 by hunters.

In early March 2014, Richard Fletcher, Keith Baird, and Michael Norrie were charged with the death of Mary “Pat” O’Hagan. With this plea deal, only Norrie and Baird are being held on first degree murder charges, burglary, and kidnapping.