Local Market Keeping Up With The Pace

LYNDON - Ever since Governor Phil Scott's "Stay at Home" order was announced this past Tuesday, folks in the Northeast Kingdom have been rushing out to stores to get last minute essentials.  Scott has ordered all non essential businesses to close, but this doesn't include grocery stories.  


After the order was announced, the Whites Market in Lyndonville put a statement on their Facebook page ensuring all shoppers they will remain open.  "We are still here.  We still don't plan on going anywhere.  Supplies are still showing up regularly."  

The market then continued to urge the community that there was no rush to get what they need, and to only buy what they need immediately.  While other stores might be swarmed with people buying more than they need and emptying shelves, the folks at the Whites Market feel this isn't a problem.  "Our empty shelves are not being caused by hoarding.  99% of people coming in are clearly taking just what they need to feel their own family is taken care of and safe.  We know our customers.  We know their shopping patterns.  If we felt this was the problem, we would be handling it."  

Just like other businesses, the market is offering cubside pickup for folks who may be high risk or uncomfortable shopping inside the store.