St Elizabeths Church in Lyndonville Restoring Historic Clock

Lyndonville Church ClockLYNDONVILLE- Although time keeps on ticking, the historic clock at Saint Elizabeths has not been consitantly working for some time now. 

The Village of Lyndonville is partnering up with the church on Hill Street, their end goal being a restoration of the clock. Monday evening, the Village Trustees at their meeting, gave the green light for the repairs to be made. Back in March, residents in town voted in favor of putting the restoration project in the budget for this fiscal year. 

 Saint Elizabeth's and the Village, will be going in on the project together, each bearing half of the costs. The total project is a little over $16,000.00, and according to Municipal Advisor Justin Smith, that works out to be roughly $8,500.00 each. Smith, when asked why the town prioritized this project, said that, "Obviously it's a center piece to the Village. You can look at the Church and the tower in particular from many viewpoints of not only the village, but the town. Seeing the clock with it lit up, is something thats obviously been here fot over 100 years."

The restoration project is expected to begin hopefully in the next couple of weeks.