Bringing More to Burke

burkefarmBURKE- Over 50 years ago, a mountain manager and a city girl met in Alaska. Now, the two are happily married and together, they bring more to Burke than their animals and farm-- their love for the two as well as for eachother.

Ford and Nancy Hubbard are residents of East Burke, and owners of the Belmont Stock Farm. Ford was stationed in the military when he met Nancy, who was visiting a friend in Alaska. 

From Alaska, the two ended up residing in the Northeast Kingdom. Ford found a job at Burke Mountain following his passion of managing ski resorts.

"Doug Kitchel at the time owned the mountain and he bought several hundred acres around. So, the deal was that if I came over and after a year here, he would sell me the farm and the house," Ford reminisced. Shortly after working at Burke Mountain, Ford obtained the farm and their house that is right beside it.

Now, Ford tends to his animals and the acres of the farmland. "I tell stories now that I planted twenty-six rows of potatoes one day and one finger," Ford laughs about his past experience when he lost a finger in his field.

His wife, Nancy, tends to the eggs laid by their chickens. The eggs get cartoned and delivered to businesses and homes around the area. "I think it's the whole variety of what we do here. We weren't dairy farmers ourselves, but we always had animals and a variety of them. It's just been our way of life together," Nancy admires.

Ford grew up in New Hampshire on a farm and Nancy grew up in the rural neighborhoods of New Jersey. Despite their differences, the two go well together. "Yeah, I guess we do a lot together. We irritate each other a lot too, after 50 years, my gosh. But it's all good," Nancy adds.

Ford has plans to keep continuing further in the future, "I'll just keep going. Retirement isn't just giving up and not doing anything. I love it."