A Wave Of Change

q burkeBURKE- A small town located in Vermont’s North East Kingdom has begun to see many changes. The local mountain in the town [Q Burke Mountain Resort] will undergo construction to improve the mountain and is expected to bring a lot to the community.


The plans have been drawn for the resort, bringing four new hotels to the area. With construction expected to start in the future, soon-to-be Hotel Burke will be home to 116 suites varying from studio style to three bedrooms. Most suites offer an outside balcony, but all consist of a full kitchen and a picturesque view of either Burke or Lake Willoughby.

The hotel was designed with the Tram Haus Lodge in mind. Burke enthusiasts expressed concern of the mountain losing its “uniqueness.” Newly appointed President and CEO, as well as head of the developmental process, Ary Quiros Jr., responded and made it clear that the mountain will not lose its “burke spirit.” He later shared his excitement for his part in the Burke Mountain Resort community because "The mountain has been such an authentic part of the Vermont ski industry.” Quiros Jr. also stated his strong belief for Vermont’s environmental spirit and assured “The Burke community [of] how committed to environmental stewardship we [the mountain] are.”

New attractions are designed for all year round fun. These includes: 60 acres of terrain for new trails and glades, an indoor/outdoor tennis facility for local residents and both day and overnight guests of the hotel, and an aquatic center offering a sweet place to cool off.

With so much to do on the mountain why would anyone ever want to leave? That is what is concerning local businesses in the area, with Chappy’s Ice Cream, Willy’s Restaurant, and the River Garden Café recent closures, could this be the beginning of major business shutdown?

“It’s one of those instances where really truly the tide does ride on both sides,” said Darcie McCann a member of the NEK Chamber of Commerce, “… there will be a number of businesses, including the hotel that will be up at Burke Mountain.”

However, Restaurant’s are not the only ones who should be worried about their future. With multiple hotels now on the mountain, travelling skiers and riders may be more opt to stay right there at the mountain rather than other local hospitality establishments.

“Lodging or hospitality off the mountain will not be dually affected,” Said McCann, “… I think it’s going to attract more people and some people will want to stay at the mountain and they will be able to.”

The town of Burke is about to see a handful of changes and we will see if the turn out is for the better or worse. To keep up with the changes at Burke Mountain, feel free to visit their website.