Burke Meeting

burkemeetingBURKE- The town of Burke held its informational meeting for their school and town board. The discussion was primarily informational for the people of Burke to inform them of everything on the agenda for today's meeting. The town meeting will stay the same as last year except for a few tweaks with road construction and repair.

This issue is raising the town budget up to 9.6% higher than last year. This will raise the budget to $100,000 from last year. Burke's Town Clerk, Priscilla Aldrich, told us why the towns expenses are going up, "Repairing roads, that was a big expense, it was basically getting up the sand and gravel."


Aldrich also said cash flow was a big issue. As for the school budget they are raising up 10.6% from last year increasing their budget to $450,000.  The school budget is up due to renovations in the school and an increase in high school students.

Stay with us for continuing coverage of Burke's town meeting.