Spring Sports Are Back

Around the NEK - It's been almost a year since Vermont has seen a baseball hit, a softball thrown, or track and field competetors competing in their respective events throughout highschool due to COVID-19.

Thursday, April 30th, 2020 saw what many people thought was the unthinkable happen, the entirity of the 2020 spring sports season was cancelled. The Vermont Prinicpals Association announced the cancellation of the spring season after delaying the start to last season more than three times. Many seniors across the state weren't able to play in their final season in their high school careers which effected the players, coaches, and the officials who had to come to terms with the decision. The Lyndon Insitute Softball head coach, Chris Carr said "the VPA did an excellent job, they tried, and tried, and tried to get us to have a season, when we finally got the news that it was totally gone, my heart went out to the kids."

But with a new year, and the Spring weather upon us, change is on it's way this coming season. VPA Executive Director Bob Johnson stated "You know every sports committee decided to not go with an extended season, they all decided they would try and put their championship games on the same dates that we had normally planned." Weather permitting the VPA expects to have a full season that will resemble years past, minus the players, coaches, and umpires having to follow COVID-19 protocols that were put in place prior to the season starting, which includes wearing a mask, and social distancing while in the dugouts. COVID has effected not only last spring, but also the fall, and winter season for sports. Supporters were not allowed to attend any games physically during the winter season, but with a new year comes another big change, fans and supporters will be able to physically attend games and events. Come May 1st, 350 people will be able to be in attendance for sporting events and as many as 900 people come June 1st. With fans and supporters being able to attend, this will fire up the players even more than they already were. Coach Carr stated " you know they were ready to go out since day one, even in tryouts, after missing an entire season last year, they just want to go out there and play some ball."'

The spring sports season officially begins this weekend, April 17th, 2021.