Peacham School Adds Ice Rink

Peacham Ice Rink ThumbnailPEACHAM- The town of Peacham is joining what seems to be a growing number of towns with outdoor ice rinks in the Northeast Kingdom. The rink opened last week at the Peacham School, thanks to parent Eric Kaufman.

"Four years ago, we got together with another family and put together the rink," said Kaufman. "I kind of took on the role of 'rink master.' I'm able to stay around to maintain the rink and take care of it."

Although the rink is located at the Peacham School, Kaufman emphasized that it is not just for the students to use.

"It's open to the community, It's the public skating rink in Peacham."

The only limitations that Kaufman hopes people respect are during school hours.

"We prefer that only the kids use it. We also have an after-school program where the kids are allowed to use it. But it's open to everyone."

The rink, which sits on the school's basketball court, isn't quite as big as a normal ice rink, but still allows those who use it to have the same amount of fun.

"Some people fall, like me," said Sebastien Kaufman, a 5th grader at the Peacham School. But despite the possibility of falling, Sebastien still expects many kids to utilize the rink while they can. "Not every day, but most kids will (use it)."

One concern for Kaufman is finding a replacement for him after this year.

"Because my son is a 5th grader here, I'm trying to find someone to come in and take over my duties."

But despite this problem, Kaufman will continue to look after the rink this year so residents and children can enjoy it.