Commute Times Delayed Due To Construction

highway constructionVERMONT- With the spring time upon us construction throughout the state has resumed. For the next few months there will be extensive work on almost every local state road and highway. 

For the duration of spring, summer, and fall interstate ninety one is being cut to just one lane for nearly nine miles from Lyndon to St. Johnsbury. This will delay commute times for many around the areas.

 I-91 is being resurfaced from exit twenty through exit twenty-three. The cost to resurface that area is around twelve million dollars. The purpose of resurfacing the highway is to fill in potholes and cracks that are along the nine miles and the highway hasn't been resurfaced in the last few years.

There are also two other projects that will be worked on as well. Eight miles of route five from Waterford to Lyndon and parts of nine seventy-three are going to be resurfaced. That has a price of over five million dollars.
The last project planned is to repave portions of routes two and five in and around St. Johnsbury near ninety-one. That is expected to cost between five and ten million dollars.

The projected cost for all three projects is between twenty-one and twenty-six million dollars.
The state is paying for about sixteen percent of these projects which is a grand total of roughly 3.5 million dollars. The twenty million remaining will come from federal funding.

While there may be a delay in your commute Gary McGinnis of the Vermont Agency of Transportation is asking people to have patience with the projects.
"Just have patience and look towards the finished product, because I mean when it all boils down, when it does leave, you will be more happy," McGinnis said.

McGinnis also mentioned that travelers can find out about various road conditions online at Vermont Five One One or by calling 1-800-429-7623