Weakening Ice

weakening iceVERMONT - Spring time has finally arrived and that means one thing, the sun is out and it is getting warmer. What does this mean for winter enthusiasts?


Ice has been melting off of lakes, rivers, and ponds due to the high sun angles. The sun is heating up the water below the ice, causing the ice to melt from the bottom up. This can be extremely deceiving to the naked eye, and just because it looks safe, doesn't necessarily mean it is.

"Usually by the last Sunday in March the ice is beginning to become unsafe," said Chief Warden David Lacours. "But other years when it's warmer it happens before March."

Fish and Wildlife officials are urging people to stay off the ice and if you do have to venture out onto it, to keep these things in mind. Number one, if you fall through the ice, turn toward the direction you came from. Place your arms on un-broken ice and work yourself forward by kicking your feet.

Second, once you have made it out of the water, slowly roll away from the hole and then crawl back to shore. The Fish and Wildlife Department is reminding those that have ice shanties still on the ice that they need to be removed. The weakening ice could cause the shanties to fall in.

"It is littering and it can be a navigation hazard in these lakes and ponds," Said Lacours. "A lot of times they'll float even with the surface or slightly under the surface so it's a tremendous navigation concern and safety concern for people who are boating or water skiing."

The shanties need to be removed by March 30th.