National Farm to School Month

farmtoschoolVERMONT- October is national Farm to School Month, informing students about the healthy benefits of eating local food, while helping our community farmers. This month was established in 2010 when the U.S. House of Representatives wanted to recognize the important role local farms play in promoting healthy living, while at the same time benefiting the states economy.


Last week, state schools celebrated “Local Crunch for Lunch” highlighting these positive impacts. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture attended several events at both local elementary and high schools helping spread the word of this national Farm to School Program.

“It’s an excellent way to show parents and community members the great things that schools are doing with featuring local foods,” said Johanna Herron of the Vermont Department of Agriculture. Herron also feels this is a great opportunity to educate not just the students, but also their parents and teachers.

Governor Peter Shumlin said, “Vermont has been a leader in the Farm to School movement which is critical to moving our kids, communities, and economy to a new level.” Shumlin went on to say that this practice helps children connect with their food and make healthier choices, while creating new markets for local and regional farmers.

Next time you’re in line purchasing a meal or even groceries, remember not only the importance of this month, but also the positive impact you will have by purchasing local foods. You will not only be benefiting your own health, but also the health of our states economy.