Barnet Solar Project

barnet solarBARNET- Last May the community of Barnet held an open discussion about the proposed Barnet Solar Array Project. This project involves multiple customers sharing a large Solar Photovoltaic (PV) array through Virtual Net Metering or Group Net Metering programs. Residents of Barnet, St. Johnsbury and Peacham will have the first opportunity to become members in order to use the power daily. Community Solar is an environment-friendly option for individuals and businesses who want to support clean energy. 

On Wednesday September20, 2017 Barnet's Town Clerk, Ben Heisholt shared updates on the process and the upcoming events "the next step in the process from Capiron's perspective anyway is to schedule another meeting with the selectboard, before which they'll give specific notice to those abudding land owners giving them an opportunity to come to that meeting and voice any concerns they might have." 

The Selectboard of Barnet will plan to hold its next meeting sometime in late October. The biggest issue the Selectboard is facing is how to make the project visible to the public. According to Town Clerk Ben Heisholt, they did not have any map or pictures to illustrate the arrangement of the project now but will be discussed in teh next meeting.

In the future, the solar power will be sold to power companies in which residents will be able to receive a 30% federal tax credit based on the cost of their solar panels.

 According to Town Clerk Ben Heisholt he has no idea right now what the residents think, but hopes to get their opinions on the project during the next meeting.