FairPoint Delays

fairpointpatienceVERMONT - After more than 1,700 FairPoint workers from Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire went on strike last moth, FairPoint is now asking their customers to be patient.

The company is acknowledging that they are behind in fulfilling customer requests for the first time since the strike began, and is now trying to catch up on requests and alleviate disruption. 

After last weekends snow storm in Maine, customer delays were furthered even more so. 

FairPoint CEO Peter Sunu believes the company can handle the backlog of customer service requests.

Chairman of the Union Negotiating Committee, Peter McLaughlin, believes they were clearly unprepared for the strike.

Mclaughlin said, "FairPoint is proving that you can't maintain quality customer service while attacking the skilled workers who provide it." 

The two sides will met on November 18th with a federal mediator.